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This story is acceptable for all ages.

The Spark - page 14

Page 14

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Piper approaches a doorway in the tower.
Guard 1: Wolves shouldn't have any powers!

Piper listens intently.
Guard 1: Not since the queen stole the moon!

Two guards stand in the room arguing while a guard captain sits between them.
Guard 2: It was incompetence. These "powers" were an excuse. We should kill him.
Guard 1: But what if the wolf did--
Guard 2: He doesn't! It's impossible for--

The Captain listens impatiently.
Guard 1: You don't know that! He was after the spark, what if he managed--
Guard 2: You can't be serious! If you believe it, you're just as idiotic as--


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0