Bottle World: Explore - Adventure 3: Cecie

Cecie - Begin

Cecie's Home Cecie's home. It is partly a geometric structure on a cliff with outdoor tarps held up by crooked trees.

Your name is Cecie. You've got a bunch of projects started but you can't finish any of them until you have the right stuff. What will you do?

Edge of the Cliff Looking over the cliff. Cecie's unfinished projects, and two paths leading away from their home, down into the woods and desert.

You need your drill back from your friend Pip, more magic tree cores to power your home additions, an enchantment matrix to to upgrade your elemental, and of course, stones. You don't anticipate getting more than one of these things done today.

What do you do next?

Head left. [selected by players]

Head right.

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