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Adventure 3: Cecie


Name: Cecie

Pronouns: they/them

Type: Ghoul

Background: Cecie is a geomancer and builder known around their rocky homelands for their unparalleled genius. And arrogance. But mostly their genius.

[BW:E] Cecie - Begin [BW:E] Cecie - 1A: Head left. [BW:E] Cecie - 1B: Head right. [BW:E] Cecie - 2A: Head in the direction of Pip's place. [BW:E] Cecie - 2B: Explore the forest. [BW:E] Cecie - 2C: Go straight. [BW:E] Cecie - 2D: Go down. [BW:E] Cecie - 3A: Keep following the path. / Get back on the path. [BW:E] Cecie - 3B: Yeah, go get some magic cores. / Get some cores. [BW:E] Cecie - 3C: Collect magic cores from that big tree. [BW:E] Cecie - 3D: Continue down the path. [BW:E] Cecie - 3E: Go around the left side. / Proceed to the Enchanter's hill. [BW:E] Cecie - 3F: Go around the right side. / Head up to the Enchanter's house. [BW:E] Cecie - 3G: Keep going to the Stone Garden. [BW:E] Cecie - 3H: Continue. [BW:E] Cecie - 4A: Take a closer look at the trees. [BW:E] Cecie - 4B: Take the left tunnel. [BW:E] Cecie - 4C: Take the right tunnel. [BW:E] Cecie - 5A: Head further down the tunnel. [BW:E] Cecie - 5B: Stay along the stone wall. / Go into your newly-made entrance. [BW:E] Cecie - 6A: Head into the woods and see what you can find. [BW:E] Cecie - 6B: Keep following the stones. [BW:E] Cecie - 7A: Continue. [BW:E] Cecie - 7B: Touch the rocks. [BW:E] Cecie - Ending 1: Go get your drill back from Pip. [BW:E] Cecie - Ending 2: Just collect the cores and head back home. [BW:E] Cecie - Ending 3: Pay a visit to the Enchanter. [BW:E] Cecie - Ending 4: Enter the Stone Garden.