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Let me tell you a story.

We promote, share, and tell original stories. We focus on fiction, especially science fiction and fantasy, created by independent storytellers. We are Azdion.

We have a lot of stories to tell, and we bet you do too. We believe everyone has something of value to share, and wish to not only tell our own stories but empower others to tell theirs. We are especially interested in those whose stories and experiences are frequently overlooked. Join us on our storytelling journey!

Our stories

We're always working on one story or another and exploring new mediums. Animation, comics, music, and games are all some of the ways we tell stories, and we're constantly trying new things. Check out our stories!

As we learn, so do you

Part of trying new things is constant learning, but we don't want to keep what we discover to ourselves. As we learn new things, we post tips, tutorials, and resources so other storytellers can learn too. Making knowledge available to all creates richer and higher-quality stories for everyone to enjoy. Learn something new

Help us help you

At Azdion we want to blaze new trails in storytelling, and at the same time do what we can to help other storytellers.

Lifting up other storytellers is part of our goal. Reach out to us if there's anything we can help with! If you find someone's work that you think deserves a feature on our blog, want to know more about how one of our stories was made, or have any questions, hit us up. Get in touch