Bottle World: Explore - Adventure 1: Darius

2B: Go to the kitchen

Darius' Kitchen Darius' Kitchen. A small and neat kitchen which includes a countertop, cupboards, and an oven. A recipe card sits on the dinner table.

The kitchen looks nice as always. Missy is usually the one using it, but when you're home you sometimes like to whip up meals and snacks. It looks like Missy's been trying to organize and clean up in here.

She forgot to put something away: a recipe on the table! The first one you ever learned, at that. You still remember the delicious peanut butter victory that got you started in the wonderful world of baking.

Reward Unlocked!

Easy Peasy Peanut Butter Cookies

Easy Peasy Peanut Butter Cookies (recipe)

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What do you do next?

Look at your trophies [previously selected by players]

Check out the basement door [selected by players]

Visit your back yard

Go out your front door

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