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Adventure 1: Darius


Name: Darius

Pronouns: he/him

Type: Rodent

Background: An experienced adventurer! Always happy to help, gets distracted easily, and loves peanut butter.

[BW:E] Darius - Begin [BW:E] Darius - 1A: Explore the wooden box [BW:E] Darius - 1B: Check out the bookshelf [BW:E] Darius - 1C: Open the door [BW:E] Darius - 2A: Look at your trophies [BW:E] Darius - 2B: Go to the kitchen [BW:E] Darius - 2C: Check out the basement door [BW:E] Darius - 2D: Visit your back yard [BW:E] Darius - End: Go out your front door