Bottle World: Explore - Adventure 2: Jaydin

End 7: Head up to that shack.

Forest Fishhouse A pleasant-looking shack built up high over the beach. There is a sign identifying various items that one might fish up from the waters.

It's the Forest Fishhouse! The owner lends out fishing supplies for people who want to fish things out of the water. How fun would it be to go fishing?

The Shopkeeper Friendly shopkeeper emerging with a fishing net

Wow, there's Crusty Shon offering you a fishing net! He must have seen you coming. You didn't have any other plans today anyway, so now's a good time for fishing!

Possible Rewards:

Go Fish!

Go Fish! (wallpaper)

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Fishin' Finds

Fishin' Finds (tile pattern)

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Fishhouse Pocket Guide

Fishhouse Pocket Guide

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The end!

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