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Adventure 2: Jaydin


Name: Jaydin

Pronouns: she/her

Type: Primate

Background: Jaydin comes from a long line of river pirates. Her skills include sailing and boat-building. Those aren't well-developed skills, mind you, but they're skills nonetheless!

[BW:E] Jaydin - Begin [BW:E] Jaydin - 1A: Scream and lean right!! [BW:E] Jaydin - 1B: Panic and lean left!! [BW:E] Jaydin - 2A: Go left where the river splits. [BW:E] Jaydin - 2B: Go right where the river splits. [BW:E] Jaydin - 2C: Go through the shipwreck! [BW:E] Jaydin - 2D: Be smart. Go carefully around the shipwreck. [BW:E] Jaydin - 3A: Go left again. [BW:E] Jaydin - 3B: Go right this time. [BW:E] Jaydin - 3C: Follow the path through the woods. [BW:E] Jaydin - 3D: Take a side trail. [BW:E] Jaydin - 3E: Proceed into the forest. [BW:E] Jaydin - 4A: Keep going left! [BW:E] Jaydin - 4B: Now go right. [BW:E] Jaydin - 4C: Wave at Grandma and keep going. She'll understand. [BW:E] Jaydin - 4D: Check out that signpost. [BW:E] Jaydin - 4E: Try the other path. [BW:E] Jaydin - 4F: Check out the fallen log. [BW:E] Jaydin - 4G: Head up the stone stairs. [BW:E] Jaydin - 4H: Follow the sign with wavy markings. [BW:E] Jaydin - 4I: Follow the sign with a tower. [BW:E] Jaydin - 4J: Follow the sign with a mask. [BW:E] Jaydin - 5A: Left!!! [BW:E] Jaydin - 5B: Sike!! Go right this time. [BW:E] Jaydin - 5C: Park your boat and check out that stretch of beach up ahead. [BW:E] Jaydin - 5D: Proceed into the wooded area of river. [BW:E] Jaydin - 5E: Take the sunny route. [BW:E] Jaydin - 5F: Proceed along the path. [BW:E] Jaydin - 5G: Enter the suspiciously person-shaped hole in the bushes. [BW:E] Jaydin - 5H: Go into the village. [BW:E] Jaydin - 5I: Be nice and help pick that stuff up. [BW:E] Jaydin - 6A: Check out the island. [BW:E] Jaydin - 6B: Check out the strange flag. [BW:E] Jaydin - 6C: Maybe going to that tower is dangerous. Take a side path through the trees. [BW:E] Jaydin - 6D: You came here for the tower, you're going to the tower. [BW:E] Jaydin - 6E: What's up with that mangled bush to the left? [BW:E] Jaydin - 7A: Follow the river's current. [BW:E] Jaydin - 7B: Just stick to the path. [BW:E] Jaydin - End 1: Head to the Starfield! [BW:E] Jaydin - End 2: Stay on the water and head into the ocean. [BW:E] Jaydin - End 3: Head to the ball court! [BW:E] Jaydin - End 4: Check out that distant umbrella. [BW:E] Jaydin - End 5: Go visit grandma! [BW:E] Jaydin - End 6: Look for lost valuables in the shipwreck. [BW:E] Jaydin - End 7: Head up to that shack. [BW:E] Jaydin - End 8: Check out that glow. [BW:E] Jaydin - End 9: Knock on the cottage door. [BW:E] Jaydin - End 10: Enter the tower. [BW:E] Jaydin - End 11: Visit the boat shop. [BW:E] Jaydin - End 12: Head to the cafe.