Bottle World: Explore - Adventure 2: Jaydin

End 9: Knock on the cottage door.

The Witch A friendly old witch answers the door.

A witch lives here! After you introduce yourself, she smiles and asks if you've seen a key.

[If 6E was chosen] You tell her that you did find a key!

[If 6E was not chosen] You explain that you haven't seen a key.

A Cozy Cottage The inside of the witch's house. There is a pot inside a magical fireplace, as well as a cup of hot cocoa on the table.

[If 6E was chosen] The witch takes the key and thanks you. She explains that she lost the key to her tower many years ago and had to build this cottage to live in instead. She gives you some of her favorite hot cocoa and tells you that you may visit her home and her tower any time you wish!

[If 6E was not chosen] The witch thanks you anyway and invites you in for some of her favorite hot cocoa.

Possible Rewards:

Honey Hot Chocolate

Honey Hot Chocolate (recipe)

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A Dash of Magic

A Dash of Magic (wallpaper)

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Woods Witch

Woods Witch (music)

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[If 6E was chosen]: Include rewards from End 10

The end!

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