Bottle World: Explore - Adventure 1: Darius

1C: Open the door

The Hallway The Hallway. The wall is filled with portraits and pictures of Darius' family: his two moms, a rat and a mouse; and his many rodent sisters.

Time to get up and see what's going on your house. You pass by the lovely gallery of pictures - your family! You were a rare celestial being born to a rat and a mouse, the youngest among your rat and mouse sisters. Your moms and sisters are the coolest.

Missy Darius' sister, Missy. The mouse lady, Missy, stands in Darius' living room. She appears to have paused in the middle of cleaning to say hello.

It's Missy, one of your sisters - she lives with you. Cleaning and cooking have always been her passions, which is why you pay her to take care of the house while you're away! You say hi to Missy. She says hi back!

What do you do next?

Look at your trophies [selected by players]

Go to the kitchen

Check out the basement door

Visit your back yard

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