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Storytelling is one of the oldest human customs, used for teaching, entertainment, and the transmission of information. That is what we want to do at Azdion.

We believe everyone has stories to share, and wish to not only tell our own but empower others to tell theirs. We are especially interested in independent storytellers and those whose stories and experiences are frequently overlooked.

Where to find us

We're all around the web! Here's a complete list of where you can find us - if it's not listed here, it may not really be Azdion.


We are on all the following websites, but more active on some than others. If you need to contact us, the best way is by our contact page, but we may respond on some of these sites if we see your message.


We sell things (or otherwise provide goods and services in exchange for money) on these sites. If you see a shop online that is not one of the following that claims to be Azdion, beware! It is not us, and it might be a scam.


Azdion got a humble start in 2007 as a digital dumping ground for comics, art, and anything else we came up with. Throughout the years it underwent several revisions, saw a few changes in interests, and even resulted in some published books and long running stories.

Sometime in 2011 or 2012, we realized that we wanted to focus primarily on storytelling - the glue that had so far held Azdion together in the first place. In the coming years, however, life got in the way and we both needed to turn our focus to school and other things. Finally, in 2014 we decided to step back and take a break.

Having learned a lot in the years we'd worked with Azdion, we sat down, made some real plans, and got back into making some stories in 2016. Not only do we want to tell our own stories - we want to empower others to do likewise, and share our knowledge and resources as we learn new things on our journey.

Who we are

Azdion is run by Meg James and L James, a pair of queer twins from southeastern Washington with a passion for stories.

Meg James

Meg James is a weirdo with a business degree who likes goats and dragons. They have several years of experience with making comics.



L James

L James is a vector artist who might secretly be a bear in a clever human costume. They dabble in many different mediums and also manage website stuff.



Last updated July 27, 2017