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Intellectual Property Policy

By using or consuming content from Azdion, you agree to abide by these rules for using Azdion's or Azdion-related intellectual property.

Creative Commons License

All of Azdion’s content is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0) license, except where otherwise noted. Please review the CC-BY-NC-SA 4.0 license here.

It is your responsibility to locate and read the license associated with individual works, and you will be held responsible for failure to comply with a work's license.

Use of Azdion’s IP for personal, noncommercial works

You may use Azdion’s intellectual property (IP) for personal, individual works. This includes artwork, physical items, images, and other things created for your personal (noncommercial) use. However, you may not claim Azdion’s IP as your own or misrepresent the nature of the IP (claiming it is something it is not).

Use of Azdion’s IP for commercial (for-sale) works

You may not use Azdion’s IP for commercial purposes, including selling artwork, apparel, fan comics, or other items that include Azdion’s IP, except with explicit written permission personally granted to you by either L James or Meg James.

Use of Azdion’s name, logo, and other identifying property

Please do not use Azdion’s name or logo on your products, whether they are personal or commercial. You may also not use other identifying property (e.g., the "Cinnabar & Almanac" or "Lūdō" title images, official artwork of characters, etc.) to promote your own creations. If sharing fan-made content, please do not state or imply an official affiliation with Azdion.

Azdion's use of user content

In certain cases, you may grant Azdion, L James, or Meg James the rights to use or publish content that you created. By submitting a message using the contact form, you grant Azdion the right to freely republish or distribute your message if deemed necessary, beneficial, or useful. Your personal information not be published or shared with others unless it is legally required of Azdion for whatever reason.

By submitting content or asking questions at Azdion's blog, you grant Azdion the right to freely publish said content or questions. Such content may include personally-identifying information, such as Tumblr usernames and associated details.

Changes to this Policy

Changes to various sections of this policy may occur in the future as more specific questions or concerns arise.

Last updated July 24, 2016