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These are the stories we've done and are currently working on at Azdion. If you're interested in learning more, head to our blog for posts about these stories. If you'd like to support our work, check out our online shops!

Current Stories

These stories are currently updating.


The disappearance of a research crew prompts an investigation deep in the wasteland.

Bottle World

Tales and tidbits from the little world full of secrets and magic.

Bottle World: Explore

Big adventures and even bigger secrets await you in this little magic world. Join now to play the next adventure!

Coming Up

These stories are being worked on and have estimated dates for release.

Space Crew from Station 92

A couple criminals on the run, a library possessed by a demon, the most knowledgeable man in the universe, and the exasperated crew of Space Station 92 must voyage to the center of the universe to stop a monster before he destroys everything. Coming in 2019.

Cinnabar & Almanac

Wanderlusting prince Almanac and overworked crystal miner Cinnabar both dreamed of a more exciting life. Neither of them realized that life would involve blazing a trail through the sky on a stolen royal airship. Coming in 2019.


These stories have reached their end and are no longer being updated.

The Spark

Citizens are forbidden from seeking or making contact with the "spark", and when it appears, entire districts are evacuated. However, authorities can't actually explain what it is.

Space Angel

Reach for the stars, against all odds, in the name of love. (June 2017)

Summer Hill

This inexperienced witch just wants to learn magic, but nobody will teach someone so clumsy... especially when she wants to control the weather! (December 2016)

Running Man

An uneventful day is interrupted by a sudden evacuation when the "spark", a mysterious supernatural phenomenon, is spotted by authorities. (October 2016)

Cinnabar & Almanac Adventures

This clueless duo might not know much about adventuring, but that hasn't stopped them yet. (September 2016)


Playing is good, but playing with a friend is better! (August 2016)

In Planning

These are stories in planning with no estimated release dates yet. These are working titles and may be subject to change.

Last updated September 1, 2017