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Privacy Policy

By submitting any information to, you demonstrate that you acknowledge and accept the following terms.

This privacy policy applies to information collected and used by This does not include information collected and used by other services that Azdion utilizes, such as RedBubble, Society6, Teepublic, Selz, and other third party services (Third Party Services) we use. Please see those services for their privacy policies.

Collected Information

Azdion may collect and store the following information from you:

Email addresses: Used to send you emails that you sign up for. Emails may include news, announcements, surveys, or information about discounts and special offers. Email addresses may also be collected when you submit a message via our contact form, for the purpose of responding to your message.

Azdion will not collect or use your email address unless you contact us or opt in to receive emails. Once you opt out of an email list, your email address will no longer be associated with that list. If you have opted in to multiple email lists, you will have to opt out of each one if you no longer wish to receive emails from any of them.

Mailing addresses: Only used by Azdion in specific circumstances. We may ask for a mailing address to send you a prize for a contest or giveaway. We won’t ask for a mailing address unless you’ve won such an event.

Mailing addresses will only be used one time to send a prize that you have won from a contest or giveaway. We will not mail anything to you again unless you win another contest or giveaway. Note that we do not have control over whether Third Party Services keep your mailing address on file. Please refer to the privacy policies of those services before using them.

Names: Used with email addresses or mailing addresses to identify you and make sure we reach the right recipient. Names will be kept or discarded in association with other information.

Demographic information such as age, gender, and interests: Age may be used to confirm eligibility for certain products, features, content, or services. You may explicitly or implicitly provide this information to us when you use or interact with one of such products, features, content, or services - for example, by signing up for emails we can assume you are over 13 years of age. Information about your age or date of birth will be kept or discarded in association with other information. When implicitly provided, it may not be collected at all.

Information about your age, gender, and interests may be given to Azdion through the Google Analytics Demographics and Interest Reporting service. This information is provided by Google and is based on their data about you. You may refer to Google's policies for more information, or see opt-out options. Demographic information cannot be used to personally identify you and is collected purely for the purpose of making informed decisions about the content we produce and how we advertise and market Azdion.

Other Information: We will not ask for other personally identifying information. If you choose to provide us with additional information, we may use it as we please in a way that doesn't personally identify you - for example, by publishing user-submitted content anonymously to Azdion's blog or elsewhere. See our Intellectual Property Policy for more detail on this.

Information Storage and Disposal

Information such as names and email addresses are stored in MailChimp’s database when you opt in to receive emails from us. Please see MailChimp’s Privacy Policy for more information. If you opt out of receiving emails, your email address and associated information will be disposed of at MailChimp's discretion.

Names, email addresses, and any other information you provide when you contact us may be stored in an email inbox or archived into private records. This information will be securely discarded after a year if no longer needed.

Mailing addresses provided directly to Azdion will be kept in Azdion’s own private records and securely discarded once a recipient has received the item being mailed.

Note once again that we do not have control over whether Third Party Services keep your name, mailing address, email address, or other information on file. Please refer to the privacy policies of those services. We may have access to certain details of your order, depending on the service used: this could include email address, mailing address, or name. We will not use this information to personally identify you and it will be discarded after a year if not needed.

Sharing Information

In some circumstances, Azdion may share your private information with others for specific purposes. Your email address and name, if provided, may be shared with a service such as MailChimp for the purpose of sending you emails that you have opted to receive.

If you provide a mailing address to Azdion so you can receive a physical item as a prize for a giveaway or contest, Azdion may need to share your address with a Third Party Service, or potentially a postal or delivery service, depending on what the prize is. The details of a situation like this will be shared with you prior to the collection of the required information.


Exceptions to this policy may be made where legally required for whatever reason. If necessary, Azdion reserves the right to share your personal information with authorities.

Updates to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy may be changed in the future to clarify information or address questions and concerns as required. If the Privacy Policy is significantly changed, a notice may appear on to note such change.

Last updated July 24, 2016