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Vanguard - page 13

Page 13

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Nicodème the Unsalvageable looks out over the canyon.

Nicodème the Unsalvageable: Watchtower E was Vanguard's first step forward in a long time. We've needed a stronger hold on the wasteland for decades. I wanted a Phant team out here. We're on the edge of something big.

Dulcie Brighthop: Please. They'd approve your proposals more if you would stay focused on your research instead of getting lost.

Nicodème the Unsalvageable: Can you blame me for wandering off-route at times? Maybe going off-schedule? Maybe following my instincts--

Dulcie Brighthop: Maybe endangering your fellow researchers? I can blame you for all of that, yes.


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0