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About Bottle World: Explore

Bottle World: Explore is a choose-your-own-adventure game that takes you through the magical Bottle World. You can discover new places, meet its inhabitants, and unlock digital rewards as you progress!

How it works

This game is run via email. You sign up much like you would any other email newsletter: by entering your email address and a name. While a campaign is running, you will receive a new email every few days. Joining and playing is free!

Each of these emails will show you the hero's current location and allow you to vote for what the hero does next. After about a day, the total votes will be counted up. The day after that, you will receive an email that shows you the results of the vote and provides you with a new set of choices. Depending on the path you take, you may unlock rewards such as wallpapers, music, recipes, and more.

You need not interact with other players and may remain completely anonymous if you choose. However, you will be working with a community of other players to unlock rewards and progress the adventure. If you want to meet other players, try using tags like #BottleWorldExplore on social media to find them!


Rewards are entirely digital, and can include music, wallpapers, icons, Bottle World lore, and real-life food recipes. Unlocked rewards are made available for free download as they're unlocked - even if you're not signed up, you can access these free goodies by checking out the adventure books!

Rewards that don't get unlocked are available to purchase for a small fee after the adventure has ended. Even if the path you chose was never unlocked in the game, you can still check it out after the adventure is over and get its rewards if you please.