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Bottle World

Bottle World is a world of magic, secrets, and adventure, where there's always more to discover and explorers are considered heroes. Bottle World is not one single story, but a collection of cross-media stories and experiences that together shape a single setting.

It's a world of conflict, with good and bad, misunderstanding, and plenty of mistakes to go around, but unlike many other stories Bottle World is largely nonviolent. Our goal in Bottle World is to create engaging stories where communication, problem solving, and puzzles are the means of resolving conflict - not fighting.


Everyone enjoys the thrill of discovery, though in our modern and super-connected world it's increasingly difficult to "discover" new things and places - indeed, historical discoveries had a good chance of stepping on toes and were often tied up in conquest and conflict. Bottle World is designed to provide the excitement of exploration and discovery in a form that's fun, fulfilling, and harmless.

As we are able, we will add more stories to Bottle World. It's a world without any end, and we'll keep building it as long as we have ideas. We also invite you to come up with your own Bottle World ideas if you desire. If you wish to show us something you're doing with Bottle World (creating your own characters, writing stories, etc.) let us know! If we love it we may ask to feature it on our blog and social media.


Time and Space are loose in this world, and new opportunities for adventure are always popping up. Major events happen simultaneously in their own time and all at once. This is to say, there is not necessarily a true "canon" in Bottle World outside of whatever structure you choose to assign to it. Because of the focus on adventure and discovery, we want to allow fans of Bottle World to assign their own meaning, make their own characters, and create their own adventures in this world if they desire. Bottle World is yours to explore!

Last updated November 19, 2017