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Cinnabar & Almanac Adventures

Cinnabar and Almanac are a Gnome miner and Undine royalty. They travel on a stolen Undine airship and go on adventures, despite not knowing a thing about adventuring!

This was a "learning project" in Adobe Flash, intended to help us learn the basics of Flash animation. 12 episodes were planned, but only six were completed when we decided to use Synfig Studio for animation instead. You can find out more about this series at the blog.

The adventure continues

This miniseries isn't the end of Cinnabar & Almanac - we're currently working on a longer animated series that explores the origins of these two adventurers and how they ended up on a stolen airship together. Keep an eye on Cinnabar & Almanac, and check out Patreon for news and developments on this series.