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This story is acceptable for all ages.

Camp Fire

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Cinnabar and Almanac set up a nice camp, but all their hard work might just go up in flames!


It is nighttime. Cinnabar and Almanac are on a small mountain. Cinnabar walks across the top of the small mountain. Almanac sits.

Almanac looks angrily at an unlit camp fire as it produces a small amount of smoke.

Cinnabar drops tent materials on the ground.

Cinnabar begins constructing a tent in the foreground. Almanac watches his camp fire spark in the background.

Almanac's camp fire stops sparking.

Almanac rubs a stick against the camp fire in an attempt to start a friction fire.

The camp fire smokes. Almanac blows on the camp fire, causing it to ignite. Almanac smiles, then reaches into a nearby bucket and removes a fish.

Almanac lowers the fish, now affixed to a stick, into the camp fire.

The fire grows unexpectedly, setting Almanac's fish on fire.

Almanac waves his flaming fish on a stick with a panicked expression. The fish flies off the stick.

The fish lands on a nearby crate.

The fish causes the crate to catch fire. The fire then spreads to Cinnabar's finished tent. Cinnabar moves one step away. Almanac raises his arms in surprise.

Almanac picks up the bucket.

Almanac throws the bucket's water and remaining fish toward the fire.

The crate continues to burn, now with two more fish on top of it and a small puddle below.

Cinnabar sighs as the crate and tent burn.

Almanac flees as Cinnabar reaches for her hammer.

Cinnabar approaches the fire with her hammer raised.

Cinnabar quickly knocks down the tent with her hammer, then knocks the crate away.

The crate falls over the edge of the small mountain.

Almanac picks up a scorched fish from the ground.

Almanac cheerfully offers the fish to Cinnabar. Cinnabar glares at Almanac.


Storyboarding by Meg James
Music by Meg James
Backgrounds by Meg James
Character design by L James
Animation by Meg James
Cleanup by Meg James


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Duration: 00:01:07

Width: 1280 px

Height: 720 px