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This story is acceptable for all ages.

Red Light District

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Can Cinnabar and Almanac both enjoy their evening activities? It depends on the color of the light!


Almanac sits on a mountain ledge at night. He looks up at the stars.

Almanac is shown from behind. He looks at the stars for a moment, then raises his star chart up for comparison.

Almanac continues looking at his star chart. Cinnabar walks by behind Almanac holding a crate, a lantern, and various rocks. She sets these items on the ground.

Cinnabar sits down and taps her lantern, turning it on.

A bright light shines on Almanac and his chart.

Almanac angrily looks behind him.

Cinnabar writes notes. A fish summoned by Almanac flies by and puts out her lantern. Cinnabar looks in Almanac's direction and taps her lantern again. The lantern turns on. Another fish summon puts it out.

Cinnabar approaches Almanac.

Cinnabar looks angrily at Almanac.

Almanac points at the sky.

The sky is shown, but the stars appear dim in comparison to Cinnabar's lantern light.

Cinnabar ponders this problem.

Cinnabar walks back to her items.

Cinnabar removes the glowing rock from her lantern and picks up a different rock.

Cinnabar places the different rock in the lantern, which glows red. She continues taking notes.

Almanac looks up at the stars.

The sky is shown. Many more stars are visible without the bright light from the lantern.


Storyboarding by Meg James
Music by Meg James
Backgrounds by Meg James
Character design by L James
Animation by Meg James
Cleanup by Meg James


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Duration: 00:00:56

Width: 1280 px

Height: 720 px