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This story is acceptable for all ages.

Hazard Warning
This video may have certain hazardous characteristics:

  • loud or sudden sound

Venus Man Trap

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Cinnabar and Almanac enter a grove of lovely flowers, but they're in for a snappy surprise!


A forested mountaintop is shown.

The edge of the forest is shown.

Cinnabar and Almanac walk through the forest. Cinnabar stops at a tree midway into the clearing and looks at some orange flowers. Almanac walks to a tree at the back of the clearing and looks at the flowers there.

Almanac leans in for a closer look.

Cinnabar stands before the orange flowers and tilts her head.

Cinnabar recoils slightly with a surprised expression.

Cinnabar lifts her foot as a flowering vine moves away from her.

Cinnabar watches as the flowering vines near her slink away.

The vines on the surrounding trees move slowly towards Almanac, who is preoccupied with one of the flowers.

Almanac pokes a flower with his finger until it closes around his hand.

Almanac removes his hand and backs away with an alarmed expression.

Almanac runs as the flowering vines pursue him.

Almanac walks quickly past Cinnabar, who watches him go.

Cinnabar backs up slightly as an orange flower snaps at her.

Almanac and Cinnabar run through the forest. The flowering vines follow while making grabbing motions.

Cinnabar and Almanac walk out of the forest. They look behind them.

Cinnabar and Almanac stare into the forest as the vines retreat.

Cinnabar and Almanac stand at the edge of the forest and look down at the ground.

Several smaller, dainty white flowers cover the patch of ground at Cinnabar and Almanac's feet.

Cinnabar and Almanac look at each other and narrow their eyes in suspicion.

Cinnabar smashes the small white flowers with her hammer.

Cinnabar and Almanac reward each other with a thumbs-up.


Storyboarding by Meg James
Music by L James
Backgrounds by Meg James
Character design by L James
Animation by L James
Cleanup by L James


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Duration: 00:01:02

Width: 1280 px

Height: 720 px