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This story is acceptable for all ages.

Edibles Exchange

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Cinnabar and Almanac find a field of disgusting fruits, but a local salamander interrupts their foraging to make a deal.


Almanac stands in a grove of strange bushes with yellow fruit. He looks cautiously at one of the bushes. There are empty crates on the ground nearby.

Cinnabar, who stands in the same grove, holds up one of the yellow fruits.

The fruit emits a pungent odor.

Cinnabar holds it further away.

Cinnabar eyes the fruit for a moment, then looks toward Almanac, who is off-screen.

Almanac backs up and turns his head away, with a disgusted expression, while holding a yellow fruit.

Cinnabar ponders the yellow fruit. A salamander with a cart walks by in the background, then stops and waves.

Cinnabar turns to look at the salamander. Almanac throws a yellow fruit on the ground in the background.

The salamander points at the fruit Cinnabar is holding and tilts her head.

Cinnabar looks down at the yellow fruit, then back up at the salamander. Almanac turns his head and notices the salamander.

Cinnabar points at the salamander’s cart.

The salamander's cart is shown to have recognizable fruits inside.

The salamander nods in response to Cinnabar's gesture.

Cinnabar begins picking yellow fruits. Almanac looks cautiously at a different bush.

The salamander picks up one of Cinnabar and Almanac's crates from the ground.

The salamander begins moving recognizable fruits from her cart into the crates. Cinnabar walks over to the cart and drops several yellow fruits inside.

The salamander drops a crate on the ground next to another crate. Both crates are filled with recognizable fruits.

The salamander's cart is full of pungent yellow fruits.

Almanac and Cinnabar wave at the salamander. Almanac is holding one of the filled crates.

The salamander waves back at Cinnabar and Almanac. She then turns away and grasps the handles of her cart as she prepares to leave.


Storyboarding by Meg James
Music by Meg James
Backgrounds by Meg James
Character design by L James, Meg James
Animation by Meg James
Cleanup by Meg James


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Duration: 00:00:59

Width: 1280 px

Height: 720 px