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This story is acceptable for all ages.

Potatoo Many

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Do Cinnabar and Almanac think there's such a thing as too many potatoes? It depends on who you ask!


Almanac peels a potato very slowly.

Almanac sighs and looks angrily at the potato.

Cinnabar opens the door of the kitchen.

Almanac glares at Cinnabar. There is a cooking pot in the corner of the room.

Almanac stands up and points angrily at a huge pile of potatoes next to him.

Cinnabar gives Almanac a thumbs-up and smiles at him.

Almanac angrily throws his partly-peeled potato to the floor.

Almanac angrily kicks the potato.

The potato bounces off the large potato pile.

The entire potato pile begins to collapse. Almanac watches in awe.

The potatoes settle. A crate of non-potato food is revealed.

Almanac looks curiously in the direction of the crate. Cinnabar appears upset with the potato mess.

Almanac cheerfully picks up the crate.

Almanac overturns the contents of the crate into the cooking pot.

Almanac gives Cinnabar a thumbs-up.

Cinnabar angrily slams the door. Almanac appears surprised.


Storyboarding by Meg James
Music by Meg James
Backgrounds by Meg James
Character design by L James
Animation by Meg James
Cleanup by Meg James


License: CC BY-NC-SA 4.0

Duration: 00:00:45

Width: 1280 px

Height: 720 px