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Bottle World: Explore

Welcome to Bottle World: Explore! In this choose-your-own-adventure game, you play as an "adventurous spirit": a benevolent ghostly figure that guides celestial heroes through their adventures. Alongside other spirits, you must help heroes choose their paths to discover new places around the world and unlock rewards.

How it works

This game is run via email. You sign up much like you would any other email newsletter: by entering your email address and a name. While a campaign is running, you will receive a new email every few days.

Each of these emails will show you the hero's current location and allow you to vote for what the hero does next. After about a day, the total votes will be counted up. The day after that, you will receive an email that shows you the results of the vote and provides you with a new set of choices. Depending on the path you take, you may unlock rewards such as wallpapers, music, recipes, and more.

You need not interact with other players and may remain completely anonymous if you choose. However, you will be working with a community of other players to unlock rewards and progress the adventure.

Current adventurer: Cecie


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Join Bottle World: Explore

Join Bottle World: Explore! When you join, you will be signed up to receive game emails, where you can vote on the adventurer's next decision to unlock rewards. You will also be signed up to receive informational and status emails for Bottle World: Explore.

Informational and status emails will be sent as necessary, while game emails will be sent every few days for the duration of an adventure.